Wednesday, November 10, 2010

" Wisdom to know the Helian gone with this odd moment of melt will be vaguely aware that the origins of this jade island

never seen all of the best jade in manufacturing, manual extremely fine wire , let me offer you, jade island. "As the curtain opened again, a small stone to sit Tiffany Co magnificent show in front of everyone, we saw an island made of jade, above all, many of the pavilion stands, see it gives a vague feeling. "Ranks the fourth, this thing must be hand, if you really do something, you made this time." Wisdom to know the Helian gone with this odd moment of melt will be vaguely aware that the origins of this jade island, but not ,m sure. "Five million!" Still interested in people who had suddenly backed away to fight again, after all, this island is not much use of jade, but a pure art. "Five million! This gentleman a million, there is no higher than his price." Auction host apparently did not actually expect to sell this craft so much money, he had never even consider selling two or three pretty good. "Six million!" When a gentle voice, Ren Tiansheng frowning look to the direction of sound and saw Fei Lake raised his left hand to indicate to him a bit of red wine. "One million!" Ren Tiansheng price instantly shouted out so that the people are choking a little, that this person is not mad is an idiot, which started several gangsters, have started playing on the Ren Tiansheng a bad idea to pedestrians. "One hundred and ten million." Fei Lake revenge to report broken hand have been waiting a long time, and today he made up his mind and not let go of the Ren Tiffany Money Clip Tiansheng Indiana. "Mr Yam, I ... ..." I never thought his brother would be involved, the blog is net worth of silk know his brother is absolutely no solid. "Ranks the fourth, we fully support you." Fei Lake to see the proud smile, his eyes narrowed Helian odd, if not the words of the dark hall, everyone will find that his eyes had become all black, to like a pair of black pearls, it is clear he is angry. "Born, brother also support you, you bid though, even if the whole city have the money to buy brother." Murong silly playing a "silly sword" on the silver bell, but his words so greatly surprised wire blog, I did not expect the trio just love to sleep normally very quiet people

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