Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Then we go their own way now

"Then we go their Tiffany own way now, when the fourth of twelve room collection." Helian odd, then a finished, turn around to disappear without a trace, do not know where to go to happy to go the "natural , I went up first to take a nap. "Murong infatuation made a yawn, tiffany canada overtaken by a white light leave Jiucheng back to the room and went to sleep, so Ren Tiansheng Murong do not understand how such a silly love to sleep, like my own brother in addition to the sleep What hobbies do not. "Oh, ah life is only tired I was born." Only to return home immediately think of salsa and Young to see old friends, although her face hard, but Ren Tiansheng is feeling very happy ah bird. "Hey, Mr Yam how do you come back." Wire blog and host negotiation is finished, although many host inquire about Ren Tiansheng the case, but said he did not hang on, in fact, he knew not many. "Nothing, come to tell you a twelve to come to our room set, now go relax." Wire blog to leave a finished Ren Tiansheng left alone, he was prepared to take a bath before the first return to the room to say, anyway Philippines Mubarak, the guy dead. Thank authorized release of the joint protection of rights Traffic Statistics.

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