Wednesday, November 10, 2010

" Slowly from a black gas odd Helian eyes like black pearls in the gush

actually do not have the wealth of kinship. He did not think about what age Murong silly people, casually dug a broken bowl of his time to throw away broken or something what can sell a few Tiffany Jewellery dozen to one hundred million. "I have little savings, a billion!" Ren Tiansheng, then dropped like a bombshell, and instantly there is no trace of noise venue, all the people look blankly Rentian Sheng, a billion, this is what the number of sub-samples, some people do not have a lifetime of hard work more than a fraction of it. "No! Can! Can!" Fei Lake has always been the darlings of kinship, but this time the Pride pale skin, the eyes revealed a deep hatred even in front of a staring back, and today he suffered The two greatest hit, billions! He only add up the total assets of more than five billion, which is equivalent to one-fifth of all his assets. "Oh, a billion, billion this gentleman out, there are no bids higher than this gentleman." At this point the auction host is face is full of rich states sweat of excitement, the day, this is the highest this auction the asking price, a commission can make themselves comfortable over a lifetime. The presence of all shook his head, men with envy and frustration but also ridiculed a woman look with admiration and greed Ren Tiansheng his party of four, as if to see the same endless Jinshan. "Since there is no bid higher, then the island will be attributed to this gentleman jade all the!" Host is preparing to call the next "deal" when the word, "I object!" Fei Lake suddenly stood up from the position. "I do not know Mr. Fei Lake have any questions?" Rich state does not like the host of very rich people who stop him, but obviously the strength of their own Western Union did not dare offend the well-known to your son. "I doubt whether there is such a gentleman to pay a huge amount of wealth in cash money." Fei Lake, then filled with challenges and contempt, he knew that his brother is absolutely not pay so much money, living soul he knew of three people and the dragon not much savings, expenditures for the period in the West Union is all paid by the blog thread. "Two hundred years, a full two hundred years, thought the world was actually dare to say such a thing to me." Slowly from a black gas odd Helian eyes like black pearls in the gush, the huge momentum and pressure filled the auction, the average person has no sense of kinship and that the holy angels the only resistance to the wearer up with this heavy Tiffany Earring burden. "Really really miss Yeah, I remember when seven Jianpai, also has been said the same thing, miss ah." Murong infatuated slowly his hand on the hilt, blog, no doubt silly Kuaijian Murong can blink of an eye get rid of all those present, after all, no one here either as the dragon turtle defense force. "This, Mr. Fei Lake, apparently you made me feel very disappointed conservation, which is Western Union gentleman?" Ren Tiansheng slowly arose from his seat, two brothers Tiffany Cuff Link have moved to kill Italian, Fei Lake definitely not Tomorrow will see the sun, now just need to handle this matter in front. "Please ask the owner of the auction cold dragon soul country is banks, how much of my savings." Ren Tiansheng feel that everything is a waste of saliva, its more than ten million in the most deposits, it should be no problem. "Please sirs, wait, we,ll be checked." I do not know how to do just the case of hosts, a bodyguard came to power in his ear, whispered a few words, apparently been decided upon. Fei Lake gloomy look Rentian Sheng, Ren Tiansheng do not know at this time three brothers, are ready to let him see the sun tomorrow. "Little Bo, i

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