Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The strength of the three men Fei Lake with no way out

f Tiffany Bracelet you die is not your brother is the future of the patriarch." Helian odd, then wire the heart rate to blog two points, but he thought for a long time that the mind, the brother is everywhere suppressed since childhood, and then coupled with lack of strength, talent is not as big brother, blog, and Fei Lake silk, and two brothers had not. "Logically, it should be like this." Blog at the heart of the ecstasy of silk and carefully answer Helian odd, and if he knows his life may be the biggest wish would be realized, this is his biggest knot Ren Tiansheng three purposes. "Ah, we have long days here, the youngest son always wanted to go back home today, just a wish you." Helian odd day when big brother Zenneng his brother what to think, anyway, there,ll be for opportunity . "Thank you Helian Big Brother." Listening to the words of odd Helian wire blog almost jumped for joy, the strength of the three men Fei Lake with no way out, the thought of the day next scene, he laughed happily. "Finally can go home, miss the sweet and sour carp ah." Although the hotel to eat at the Royal national dish, but the soul of the country, after all, so there is no authentic dragon, Murong fond memory of the old home has long been a sweet and sour carp , and the turtles are the treasures of the dragon or the instruments used for the second long Tempered, so Aura loss. Rentian Sheng Qi suddenly clinging to the thigh in Helian, regardless of curious eyes around shouted: "Brother! Your me like renewable parents! I Chores ... ..." you can not finish it odd song by Helian more than ten consecutive storms that hit in the head chestnut. "Ranks the fourth, rolled to one side, I, I do not want to lose in your hands the ultimate playboy." Helian odd to Ren Tiansheng pushed back, but had wanted to protect the I of nickname in the eyes of all warm taste apparently buried in the Ren Tiansheng hands. Feel all warm taste of the eyes, face a row Helian odd, ferocious look Rentian Sheng said: "ranks the fourth ... ..." But unfortunately he has not finished the stage of the auction host has been interrupted by want they have there the results. "Our auction will be a special channel just after investigations proved that the cold fact that he is the Rentian Sheng Fan 1.1 billion bank deposits, and his unlimited overdraft account!"

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