Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Then we go their own way now

"Then we go their Tiffany own way now, when the fourth of twelve room collection." Helian odd, then a finished, turn around to disappear without a trace, do not know where to go to happy to go the "natural , I went up first to take a nap. "Murong infatuation made a yawn, tiffany canada overtaken by a white light leave Jiucheng back to the room and went to sleep, so Ren Tiansheng Murong do not understand how such a silly love to sleep, like my own brother in addition to the sleep What hobbies do not. "Oh, ah life is only tired I was born." Only to return home immediately think of salsa and Young to see old friends, although her face hard, but Ren Tiansheng is feeling very happy ah bird. "Hey, Mr Yam how do you come back." Wire blog and host negotiation is finished, although many host inquire about Ren Tiansheng the case, but said he did not hang on, in fact, he knew not many. "Nothing, come to tell you a twelve to come to our room set, now go relax." Wire blog to leave a finished Ren Tiansheng left alone, he was prepared to take a bath before the first return to the room to say, anyway Philippines Mubarak, the guy dead. Thank authorized release of the joint protection of rights Traffic Statistics.

First with them

Remark will be soon a storm the whole, many rich senior officials are deeply regret it, such a figure to the Western Union did not actually aware of their own. "This jade island by the fact that he looks!" Host announced the auction results, though Fei Lake not to offend, but to the soul at the mysterious Rentian Sheng Long as he can not afford to offend. "Humph! We go." Ren Tiansheng now pleased to Fei Lake made a grimace, angry Fei Lake flew away with a bodyguard. "We keep up with today, how to not let this kid ran out and called them a small blog would send a natural thing in the room, you then keep up." Helian Qi and Ren Tiansheng, three silent Murong silly The followed Fei Lake behind. "Mom, really bad luck, how long have never received such a large gas, bring along the next time the three men I make guys look good, came with her second child that Chilipawai kill the guy." Parking lot in the Philippines Mubarak is furious, but do not know there are three pairs of eyes have been secretly been watching him for a long time in the dark. "Brother, now hands up?" Ren Tiansheng half floating in the dark air, the whole person not difficult, as if this is his innate ability to have more. "No, first with them, and so out of the downtown area before you start." Corner in Tiffany Necklace the dark like sitting in a dark Helian odd, looking at the Fei Lake, so that the origin of Fei Lake did not feel scared, a distress Fei Lake slid in the inner sense, in front of his bodyguards said uneasily: "quick drive to suburban villas." in that the villa has all the strength Fei Lake, hundreds of kinship at all times to feel Fei Lake Security incomparable. "Ah, it seems that he has felt, but I have planted in him the air of my machine, even if he went to the day I can catch him out." Fei Lake Head of the longer closed car the left, slowly falling to the ground Murong fond of a lazy stretch waist, said: "ah, now back to the room to take a bath first, and then how to act?" "Oh well, this is really dumb to run along, and I go free again." Helian odd face like a satyr once exposed, his words in the "live" action speaks for itself. "Then I went to Little Bo say, by the way is also a bath." Ren Tiansheng see two older brothers have already made a decision, ask yourself really stupid so run along with others.

The strength of the three men Fei Lake with no way out

f Tiffany Bracelet you die is not your brother is the future of the patriarch." Helian odd, then wire the heart rate to blog two points, but he thought for a long time that the mind, the brother is everywhere suppressed since childhood, and then coupled with lack of strength, talent is not as big brother, blog, and Fei Lake silk, and two brothers had not. "Logically, it should be like this." Blog at the heart of the ecstasy of silk and carefully answer Helian odd, and if he knows his life may be the biggest wish would be realized, this is his biggest knot Ren Tiansheng three purposes. "Ah, we have long days here, the youngest son always wanted to go back home today, just a wish you." Helian odd day when big brother Zenneng his brother what to think, anyway, there,ll be for opportunity . "Thank you Helian Big Brother." Listening to the words of odd Helian wire blog almost jumped for joy, the strength of the three men Fei Lake with no way out, the thought of the day next scene, he laughed happily. "Finally can go home, miss the sweet and sour carp ah." Although the hotel to eat at the Royal national dish, but the soul of the country, after all, so there is no authentic dragon, Murong fond memory of the old home has long been a sweet and sour carp , and the turtles are the treasures of the dragon or the instruments used for the second long Tempered, so Aura loss. Rentian Sheng Qi suddenly clinging to the thigh in Helian, regardless of curious eyes around shouted: "Brother! Your me like renewable parents! I Chores ... ..." you can not finish it odd song by Helian more than ten consecutive storms that hit in the head chestnut. "Ranks the fourth, rolled to one side, I, I do not want to lose in your hands the ultimate playboy." Helian odd to Ren Tiansheng pushed back, but had wanted to protect the I of nickname in the eyes of all warm taste apparently buried in the Ren Tiansheng hands. Feel all warm taste of the eyes, face a row Helian odd, ferocious look Rentian Sheng said: "ranks the fourth ... ..." But unfortunately he has not finished the stage of the auction host has been interrupted by want they have there the results. "Our auction will be a special channel just after investigations proved that the cold fact that he is the Rentian Sheng Fan 1.1 billion bank deposits, and his unlimited overdraft account!"

" Slowly from a black gas odd Helian eyes like black pearls in the gush

actually do not have the wealth of kinship. He did not think about what age Murong silly people, casually dug a broken bowl of his time to throw away broken or something what can sell a few Tiffany Jewellery dozen to one hundred million. "I have little savings, a billion!" Ren Tiansheng, then dropped like a bombshell, and instantly there is no trace of noise venue, all the people look blankly Rentian Sheng, a billion, this is what the number of sub-samples, some people do not have a lifetime of hard work more than a fraction of it. "No! Can! Can!" Fei Lake has always been the darlings of kinship, but this time the Pride pale skin, the eyes revealed a deep hatred even in front of a staring back, and today he suffered The two greatest hit, billions! He only add up the total assets of more than five billion, which is equivalent to one-fifth of all his assets. "Oh, a billion, billion this gentleman out, there are no bids higher than this gentleman." At this point the auction host is face is full of rich states sweat of excitement, the day, this is the highest this auction the asking price, a commission can make themselves comfortable over a lifetime. The presence of all shook his head, men with envy and frustration but also ridiculed a woman look with admiration and greed Ren Tiansheng his party of four, as if to see the same endless Jinshan. "Since there is no bid higher, then the island will be attributed to this gentleman jade all the!" Host is preparing to call the next "deal" when the word, "I object!" Fei Lake suddenly stood up from the position. "I do not know Mr. Fei Lake have any questions?" Rich state does not like the host of very rich people who stop him, but obviously the strength of their own Western Union did not dare offend the well-known to your son. "I doubt whether there is such a gentleman to pay a huge amount of wealth in cash money." Fei Lake, then filled with challenges and contempt, he knew that his brother is absolutely not pay so much money, living soul he knew of three people and the dragon not much savings, expenditures for the period in the West Union is all paid by the blog thread. "Two hundred years, a full two hundred years, thought the world was actually dare to say such a thing to me." Slowly from a black gas odd Helian eyes like black pearls in the gush, the huge momentum and pressure filled the auction, the average person has no sense of kinship and that the holy angels the only resistance to the wearer up with this heavy Tiffany Earring burden. "Really really miss Yeah, I remember when seven Jianpai, also has been said the same thing, miss ah." Murong infatuated slowly his hand on the hilt, blog, no doubt silly Kuaijian Murong can blink of an eye get rid of all those present, after all, no one here either as the dragon turtle defense force. "This, Mr. Fei Lake, apparently you made me feel very disappointed conservation, which is Western Union gentleman?" Ren Tiansheng slowly arose from his seat, two brothers Tiffany Cuff Link have moved to kill Italian, Fei Lake definitely not Tomorrow will see the sun, now just need to handle this matter in front. "Please ask the owner of the auction cold dragon soul country is banks, how much of my savings." Ren Tiansheng feel that everything is a waste of saliva, its more than ten million in the most deposits, it should be no problem. "Please sirs, wait, we,ll be checked." I do not know how to do just the case of hosts, a bodyguard came to power in his ear, whispered a few words, apparently been decided upon. Fei Lake gloomy look Rentian Sheng, Ren Tiansheng do not know at this time three brothers, are ready to let him see the sun tomorrow. "Little Bo, i

" Wisdom to know the Helian gone with this odd moment of melt will be vaguely aware that the origins of this jade island

never seen all of the best jade in manufacturing, manual extremely fine wire , let me offer you, jade island. "As the curtain opened again, a small stone to sit Tiffany Co magnificent show in front of everyone, we saw an island made of jade, above all, many of the pavilion stands, see it gives a vague feeling. "Ranks the fourth, this thing must be hand, if you really do something, you made this time." Wisdom to know the Helian gone with this odd moment of melt will be vaguely aware that the origins of this jade island, but not ,m sure. "Five million!" Still interested in people who had suddenly backed away to fight again, after all, this island is not much use of jade, but a pure art. "Five million! This gentleman a million, there is no higher than his price." Auction host apparently did not actually expect to sell this craft so much money, he had never even consider selling two or three pretty good. "Six million!" When a gentle voice, Ren Tiansheng frowning look to the direction of sound and saw Fei Lake raised his left hand to indicate to him a bit of red wine. "One million!" Ren Tiansheng price instantly shouted out so that the people are choking a little, that this person is not mad is an idiot, which started several gangsters, have started playing on the Ren Tiansheng a bad idea to pedestrians. "One hundred and ten million." Fei Lake revenge to report broken hand have been waiting a long time, and today he made up his mind and not let go of the Ren Tiffany Money Clip Tiansheng Indiana. "Mr Yam, I ... ..." I never thought his brother would be involved, the blog is net worth of silk know his brother is absolutely no solid. "Ranks the fourth, we fully support you." Fei Lake to see the proud smile, his eyes narrowed Helian odd, if not the words of the dark hall, everyone will find that his eyes had become all black, to like a pair of black pearls, it is clear he is angry. "Born, brother also support you, you bid though, even if the whole city have the money to buy brother." Murong silly playing a "silly sword" on the silver bell, but his words so greatly surprised wire blog, I did not expect the trio just love to sleep normally very quiet people

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Niet de taak te voltooien in het geval stierf

graden.Xiao Yu Zhe Yiquan stippellijn Tiffany Cuff Link verrassing, hij heeft geen mensen geraakt, maar brak zijn droom. Denken van zichzelf als onoverwinnelijk in de wereld van dromen bestaan.No way! Hoe deze man was gebonden aan, vlieg in mijn geheugen Teelt van menselijke gemeenschap niet, die in het einde is hoe is het?Echter, mannen die vlogen bang Xiao Yu heeft veel aandacht geven aan de tijd dat hij werd geschorst in de lucht in de richting van de schok Xiao Yu speelde een tweede pistool.Xiao Yu is droom, ondanks gebroken shock, maar hij is heel duidelijk geworden. Hij wist dat hij zou nooit de man in de voorkant van de tegenstander, als je niet lopen, en dat hun eigen sterven. Niet de taak te voltooien in het geval stierf, maar dat zeer ernstige gevolgen hebben.Xiao Yu verbazing loopt snel op de grond, terwijl de man was in de lucht, gevolgd door een constante verbazing Tiffany Necklace van Xiao Yu om te schieten. Xiao Yu heeft geschokt liep zelfs uit de grenzen van zijn snelheid, maar heb nog steeds de kogels op hem viel. De impact van constante pijn zenuw Xiao Yu verbazing, toen heeft hij worden gevoelloos, maar zijn geest was duidelijk om te weten dat hij niet moet sterven, zal sterven als je niet lopen zelf!Xiao Yu schok weet niet hoe lang te lopen Kortom, hij zal de weg lopen zien. Zie het steegje hij zou boren.Hoewel deze tijd is is avonds laat, maar toch is er in de straten als de nacht het leven in het lopen. Echter, hun aanwezigheid kan de verdwijning van geweervuur in de duisternis. Mensen horen geweerschoten alle onderduikers."Echt anti-oorlog! Gelukkig voor jou!" De lucht van de mannen aan de achterzijde van Xiao Yu bang zelf zei, op zoek bang Xiao Yu kwam in een woonwijk niet verder te gaan na deze man, en zijn lichaam ook in de lucht langzaam geland.Yu Xiao verbazing lopen in een mum van tijd de man in het einde en kijken terug op hoe ver hun eigen, omdat hij wist dat het moment dat zijn rug is misschien wel het moment van de dood hun eigen land.Ten slotte, Xiao Yu niet lopen bang, en viel. Xiao Yu in de laatste zin van schok alleen terug kennen hun eigen familie buiten op de binnenplaats.KD County, maar een gewone stad, dus er is meer dan de helft van de bevolking woont in het huisje, het huisje heeft het voordeel dat iedereen een kleine tuin heeft. Tekst hoofdstuk ziekenhuisYu Xiao bang als je wakker wordt uit een coma alleen te vinden dat zij liggend op een vreemde kamer, dikke stroop geur laat hem weten dat hij moet worden in het ziekenhuis.Xiao Yu wil opstaan wanneer bang gaan om te zien hoe het hele lichaam toen ze bevonden zich een aantal verbanden zijn verstrikt zijn, hun lijkt te zijn verpakt in een grote dumplings. Toen herinnerde hij zich zijn laatste nacht het lijkt in veel kogels, dan stortte in de deur van een gezin. Die zijn eigen naar het ziekenhuis?"Je bent eindelijk wakker! Hey!" Een bekende stem schrok van Xiao Yu is oren gehoord, kijk niet bang Xiao Yu weten wie de eigenaar van de stem. Want deze man was zijn klasgenoot, Chen Yao."Je bent zo gelukkig om ah! Je bent niet Tiffany and Co alleen snel rennen, grote kracht, kan eigenlijk niet raakte een kogel in je lichaam! Artsen zei dat je

Yu Xiao bang om naar huis te gaan toen het werd al laat in de nacht

hoewel de dikke man achter de man die hij werd verdacht, maar de hele wereld, die kan onder niets van zijn verleden onsterfelijk leven dat het? Denken van deze, Xiao Yu verrassing dat het laatste punt in het achterhoofd betreft verdwenen.Yu Xiao bang om te eten deze maaltijd is zeer goed en bijna alle banaan tafel was geschokt Xiao Yu klaar is, en iedereen lijkt te zijn niet in de stemming om te eten. Baas goed te doen, en ineens iemand anders het kleine broertje, maar ook een kleine Maohai Zi, die je gevangen met deze ene die niet depressief ah. Echter, dit niggas naam met de dikke man is de baas, in feite, is het hoofd van een gewone county in de pester, is pesten.Na het diner met het vet en de nigger Xiao Yu en volg ze bang om hun disco en karaoke-bars te bezoeken, omdat deze winkels zijn vet en de nigger, en dat zal neerkomen op verrassing Xiao Yu is. Later ontmoet met veel jongere broer, kortom, is een drukke dag. Yu Xiao bang om naar huis te gaan toen het werd al laat in de nacht, bang om te gaan op de weg Xiao Yu kan het niet helpen, maar zucht en zei: "Dus toen de baas ook zo moe"Xiao Yu was nog steeds bang wanneer het denken wat te doen, toen een man plotseling stopte hem in de weg."Je?" Deze man is eigenlijk staan in het vet van vandaag maaltijden die droegen een T-shirt achter mannen."Ik!" Deze man zei iets licht."Je kan ik doen?""Emergency!""Wat?""Als je vanavond sterven, zeg ik je!" Deze man is stem naar Xiao Yu verrassing "bang" geluid van een schot te horen.Yu Xiao, zo niet geschokt door de snelheid van de reactie moet zijn om de grenzen van de mens te bereiken, ik ben bang voor de kogels van het pistool heeft geraakt de top van zijn hart. Maar zelfs de mogelijkheid om Xiao Yu schok intensiteit die niet sneller zal zijn dan de snelheid van de kogels te reageren. Xiao Yu dodge zo geschokt op het moment, de kogel te hard op zijn linker arm boven. Xiao Yu was gewoon bang en voel een pijn in zijn linkerarm, en niet te laten, maar om hun snelste snelheid in de richting van de man had hem neergeschoten. Zal niet loslaten van hun eigen deze man, dit is alleen de harten van Xiao Yu idee van verrassing. Indien u wenst zichzelf te doden, dat hij nooit zou beleefd om deze man.Xiao Yu snelde de man om weg te paniek in de voorkant van slechts een moment, het moment Tiffany waarop zijn vuist trotse glimlach op zijn gezicht is verschenen. Tiffany Bracelet Yu Xiao bang omdat weten of het sloeg in het lichaam van de persoon, deze persoon zou sterven. En dit Punch op hem slechts een tweede keer. Gewoon een ongeluk gebeurt in seconden. Moment van het lichaam van de man daadwerkelijk omhoog vliegen achteruit vijfenveertig