Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First with them

Remark will be soon a storm the whole, many rich senior officials are deeply regret it, such a figure to the Western Union did not actually aware of their own. "This jade island by the fact that he looks!" Host announced the auction results, though Fei Lake not to offend, but to the soul at the mysterious Rentian Sheng Long as he can not afford to offend. "Humph! We go." Ren Tiansheng now pleased to Fei Lake made a grimace, angry Fei Lake flew away with a bodyguard. "We keep up with today, how to not let this kid ran out and called them a small blog would send a natural thing in the room, you then keep up." Helian Qi and Ren Tiansheng, three silent Murong silly The followed Fei Lake behind. "Mom, really bad luck, how long have never received such a large gas, bring along the next time the three men I make guys look good, came with her second child that Chilipawai kill the guy." Parking lot in the Philippines Mubarak is furious, but do not know there are three pairs of eyes have been secretly been watching him for a long time in the dark. "Brother, now hands up?" Ren Tiansheng half floating in the dark air, the whole person not difficult, as if this is his innate ability to have more. "No, first with them, and so out of the downtown area before you start." Corner in Tiffany Necklace the dark like sitting in a dark Helian odd, looking at the Fei Lake, so that the origin of Fei Lake did not feel scared, a distress Fei Lake slid in the inner sense, in front of his bodyguards said uneasily: "quick drive to suburban villas." in that the villa has all the strength Fei Lake, hundreds of kinship at all times to feel Fei Lake Security incomparable. "Ah, it seems that he has felt, but I have planted in him the air of my machine, even if he went to the day I can catch him out." Fei Lake Head of the longer closed car the left, slowly falling to the ground Murong fond of a lazy stretch waist, said: "ah, now back to the room to take a bath first, and then how to act?" "Oh well, this is really dumb to run along, and I go free again." Helian odd face like a satyr once exposed, his words in the "live" action speaks for itself. "Then I went to Little Bo say, by the way is also a bath." Ren Tiansheng see two older brothers have already made a decision, ask yourself really stupid so run along with others.

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